“As founder of Backstrong Adventures and charity BackStrong Trust (, I have a great passion for helping others to overcome or accept ailments, illness, injuries and trauma, and encourage all to focus on a more positive future with great personal achievements. Due to a horse-riding accident, I broke my back and faced a long and gruelling journey back to near full strength which has involved numerous surgeries, spinal treatments, and years of physiotherapy. It was my determination and fighting spirit, combined with a love of the outdoors, that kept me focused on my goals.


Although I am fully aware of my new limitations, I have discovered this does not mean I miss out on exciting adventures or experiences. Instead, I have discovered that as long as I adapt how I tackle each challenge, I can achieve so much. It’s this mindset and passion that I want to share as I help others achieve their dreams as part of their own personal journey.  And that’s what makes BackStrong so special.”


Gillian Fowler, Founder

No matter what life throws at you, never let your Dream be halted or fade.  Instead, Believe in yourself and your ability, and breathe in the immense joy when you Achieve your goals and experience incredible adventures.